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Learning has always been a first step for something big and revolutionizing. Robotics / IoT. And it has always been an attractive technology for students, hobbyists as well as for professionals.   A technical workshop conducted for young innovators. This workshop, organized by Smart School Team, Guru.lk focused on Arduino and Internet of thing Technology. This  workshop was held at the Royal college Skill development Center Colombo,  For...

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Arduino is an open source platform that is used to build electronics projects. The knowledge on Arduino is important for an engineering undergraduate to develop skills in electronic and automation as well as to carry out creative and innovative ideas.   This Wednesday, the Arduino and Robotic workshop was held at the Sri Lanka Technological Campus, Meepe. This workshop is great for people who might take their...

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A Digital Camp 2018 workshop was held with the objective of improving the knowledge of students of Mahinda Rajapaksha Vidyalaya,our subjects were Advanced Level Information Technology can be taught. This was organized by the teachers' information technology. It was attended about 250 students. Arduino's knowledge of the technology and the subject-matter of our projects and related to them. Initially, 25 groups were given various projects...

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