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Beginner Starter Kit for BBC micro:bit

The perfect kit to get started with the BBC micro:bit


Enhance your Knowledge through various Live Projects

Beginner Starter Kit for BBC micro:bit

15 Chapters with tutorials. 20+ interesting projects

Thingerbits Beginner Starter Kit for BBC micro:bit is designed for those who love to learn programming. micro: bit is a microcontroller of ARM structure designed by the Britain BBC. It is only half size of a credit card, and onboard comes with Bluetooth, accelerometer, electronic compass, three buttons, 5 x 5 LED dot matrix, mainly used for teens programming education.

We specially make this starter kit for you to conveniently learn micro:bit, where includes common used resistors, LEDs, sensors, LED segment display and more, so you can directly start doing the experiments without purchasing other components.

The kit also provides you with micro:bit study courses, wiring method and testing code, helping you quickly grasp the programming knowledge. Believing that our Beginner Starter Kit for micro: bit can lead you to a wonderful electronic world.

Free Online course and Support included

What you’ll learn

  • How to program a BBC micro:bit Computer
  • Ways to interface micro:bit with  sensors (detecting things like light, noise, or pressure)
  • How to use a sensor and module to control motors, lights, sounds, and more
  • micro:bit Visual Programming
  • Internet of things and Robotics
  • Build your own innovative project with micro:bit


  • BBC Micro:bit main Board x1

  • T-type breakout board adapter x1

  • USB cable x1

  • 2A Battery holder x1

  • 800 Pin BreadBoard x1

  • Male to Male Jumper Wire x40

  • SG90 Servo x1

  • Common Cathode 7 Segment x1

  • Passive Buzzer x1

  • Active Buzzer x1

  • 10K Potentiometer x1

  • RGB LED 5mm x1

  • LM35DZ Temperature Sensor x1

  • Tactile Button x1

  • 5MM Photoresistor x1

  • 10K Thermistor x1

  • IR receiver 5MM Flame x1

  • DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor x1

  • Ball tilt switch x1

  • 5mm Red LED x5

  • 5mm Yellow LED x5

  • 5mm Blue LED x5

  • 5mm Green LED x5

  • 220Ω Resistor x10

  • 1K Resistor x10

  • 10K Resistor x10

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