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Arduino and Internet of things Workshop at Royal College

Arduino and Internet of things Workshop at Royal College

Learning has always been a first step for something big and revolutionizing. Robotics / IoT. And it has always been an attractive technology for students, hobbyists as well as for professionals.


A technical workshop conducted for young innovators. This workshop, organized by Smart School Team, Guru.lk focused on Arduino and Internet of thing Technology. This  workshop was held at the Royal college Skill development Center Colombo,  For this program more than 50 students were attended from 4 schools. And Practical on the internet of things. And also it was the most effective instrument for knocking about the internet. In addition, Sidun’s novelties were further frowned upon,


Mr. Geth Kavinda Perera and Mr. Hasarinda Manjula, Thingerbits, was a resource person for this workshop.


The projects, which were presented to the students during the workshop


  • 09.00 -09.25 introduction to IOT by a guest speaker (Thingerbits)
  • 09.25 -10.20 Presenting Students’ IOT Innovations and solving their problems (Thingerbits)
  • 10.20 -11.00 Advising to take their innovations to the Next Level. (Thingerbits)
  • 11.00 -12.00 Dialog IdeaMart innovations (Dialog IdeaMart)
  • 12.00 -12.30 Lunch
  • 12.30 -12.40 Patent Process (Thingerbits)
  • 12.40 -13.10 Next Level of IOT and IOT prototypes presenting. (Thingerbits)
  • 13.10 -13.30 Students’ Future with IOT (Thingerbits)
  • 13.30 -14.00 Q & A Session (Thingerbits)


Hasarinda Manjula
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